2006-06-21 @ 10:36 a.m.

In the hopes that I don't disappear entirely, I am here yet again, writing nonsense for no one to read.

As we move further and further into hiding, and more and more in love, I wonder how much longer I can do this? Is true love enough to sustain even the most complex of situations? I wonder about this often, curious as to what others would do in my situation.

I'm happy. Content. And yet hidden from the world. So called 'normal' things are impossible, so we make the impossible happen when we're alone. I forget what a 'normal' relationship is like. Slowly losing the memories of kissing in public, holding hands while walking down the street, laughing and touching without looking over our shoulders, having the blinds open for the sunlight to come crashing in on our naked bodies.

I miss the simple things. But do I miss them enough to search for them elsewhere? Or is her love enough to keep me at bay, here where I belong...

And a friend I think often about has disappeared yet again...where have you gone my sweet? As this place began with thoughts of you, shall it end that way as well? I miss you.

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