I beg of you
2005-06-29 @ 12:39 a.m.

Why can't you hear my silent screams in the darkest of night? Why is it you can't feel my soul breaking apart? Don't you understand it yet that it's you I need? It's you that can sustain me, bring me back to life, break me free of this darkness that forever takes hold of me?

Can't you feel my tears upon your cheek as I cry silently, effortlessly now, wishing upon all wishes that you were here to dry my eyes? I know you don't need me, I know there are several, but couldn't you just pretend I was special? Even if only for a moment?

Don't you know I am near the edge, begging to be pulled back before it's too late? Can't you see it? Feel it? I see and feel all that is you, why can't you return in kind?

Why is it I struggle day to day while you embrace your new life with wings so wide the angels are jealous? How is it you toss aside so easily the one that has been here waiting for you all along?

I said I'd always be here, but I can no longer keep that promise! I'm fading so fast, it's all coming to a close, the battle is beginning to come to an end, and I can fight no longer.

Can you save me from myself? Tonight of all nights when I need you most?

If tomorrow never comes...

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