2005-07-15 @ 1:13 p.m.

And so with this I say farewell, though we all knew it was coming. I can't possibly still exist here, trying to find the answers within myself, within others.

I've struggled, since the beginning of this diary, to find that place in life where everything just fits. And I have yet to find it, and realize I will never find it here.

Comments are always made about how depressing this place is, how sad my words are, yet people still come suffer with me? Or to watch the unfolding of a disaster in progress? I don't know which, but I will not be a show for those any longer.

My life is what it is, as shallow and empty as it has begun, it's not for some to view and be able to be thankful in saying, "thank God I don't have it that bad."

Maybe not now, but one day you will. And when this happens, and others offer you meaningless support and words that don't help at all, you'll realize why I've left.

This is not, in any way, meant for more comments of "please don't"'s and "but I'm here for you"'s. This is meant as closure, because we all at least deserve that.

Consider it closed, words lost in cyberspace. Done with it all I say, because I've found my escape..I know what I must do. In the end, everyone is better off. Take comfort in what you have, one day it can be stripped from you blindly, and you're left feeling numb.

It will happen. To you all.

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