On the contrary, this is for you
2005-05-23 @ 1:31 a.m.

Brief solace today, as I hid from the world at large. Here and there, but not really anywhere, I enjoyed and endured all the pain and torment bestowed to me. Then I thought upon the words that were said to me this evening, this morning, whatever. It matters little, as it all rolls into each other as of late.

Manipulation doesn't work on a manipulator. I laugh at how alike we have become. In embracing me with the dark gift, I have somehow taken on similar traits and mannerisms. I find the entire exchange intoxicating; I'm certainly getting a laugh out of it. Perhaps from pure insanity settling in, or from simply knowing the exact mind set now. It's easier to understand when one is in it as deep as I am now.

The games have begun? Maybe. Only I'm not playing this game. I'm far too intelligent to fall for the false cries. This was your choice, this is what you wanted, this is what you asked for. And now that you have it you can't handle it? Get over it. Oh wait, this is me being like you yet again.

What's it like to face death in the mirror every day? Your creation, your existence, it's pure death of the heart and soul. Will you misinterpret this as well? I would bet my non-existent life on it.

Walk away from the masquerade. Once my transformation is complete, there will be nothing but hideous laughter coming from within. Mocking love and all that it stands for. Please, you know so little of what I was before. It's all an endless facade and you know it, because you created it, followed it, stalked it. Or maybe it was in me all along and it took this layer of hell to release it.

Cryptic words entice me. Enslave me. Yet what's cryptic to one is blatantly screaming to another. Don't try to distort my words to fit where you think you are in my life..because these words are written for one person and one alone, and that one person will understand completely. And may even smile when they are done reading it.

For the dark and twisted surely join together in the night.

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