An open letter...
2005-06-20 @ 11:03 a.m.

In a world full of uncertainties, there is one thing I will forever know as certain: I will always love you.

I despise those in your life. I detest the way they treat you, as if there's something that needs fixing. They demand change, say you get what you deserve because of the way you are.

I see nothing wrong. I fell in love with what I know, even things you don't know I know. I can now honestly say I understand more than before. And I don't expect you to change; I like the way you are. I love who you are.

You deserve happiness. Instead you are in misery, and those that supposedly care for you kick you while you're down. I grow more irate with each passing second, wondering how you allow them in your life with their negativity, and isolate me from your life with my love and acceptance.

We could not speak for years, and I would still love and accept you. You could call me now, and I'd welcome it completely. My opinion of you will never change. I will never wish pain upon you and say you are getting what you deserve. Not like the ignorance around you that says such harsh words. I want to lash out at them, strangle them and make them see you through my eyes.

Perhaps you care for them, and value their opinions. And if that is the case, then I apologize. But I will not sit back and say I agree with any of them, even if I'm outnumbered one thousand to one. I fell in love with who you are, as you are. I'm willing to learn more of you, feel more of you, talk more with you..but I can assure you, my opinion of you will never change.

Maybe one day you'll see that, maybe you won't. But regardless, I'm putting it here as fact. Refer to this often if you must, or not at all, but please remember there is someone in this fucked up world that thinks you are perfect, and I wouldn't want you to change a thing.

(Written with someone specific in mind, but all may feel free to believe it is them..everyone is deserving of this.)

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