2005-06-10 @ 7:31 a.m.

That which once contained the very essence of existance
Now fading slowly as the new sparkling revolution of life enters
The so long stagnant pool of thought, emotion and memory is stirred
The balance disturbed as remnants of a fragmented and stolen past drift slowly towards the surface
The calm of those waters now elusive and broken
By that which claimed to be of aid
As I sit, withdrawn
Staring down with desperate, futile patience
I wonder when I will see my own face again

How long can I sustain this dissilusionment before the flames rise around my swollen ankles and singe the mark of resistence into my flesh with no unceratin finality? How long can I linger on the thin and fleeting inbetween before I stumble in one direction or another? Will I even know then what path I take? Or will the choice fade beneath the chaotic screams of the rising confusion?

Who will remain when all that exists of our yesterdays are ashes and fragments, and our tomorrows are dead before their birth? This is the transition- yet is it dawn or twighlight? Uncertainty reigns once more.

The mouths of those without skin to conceal what lies beneath are always taped shut, while those who reveal nothing of truth speak freely and without censorship. The world relishes in freely forked tongues of it's destructors- all hope is dimmed in the shadow of authority.

Liquify reality
Until the mutation of all within
The meltdown of certainty
And the boiling of the soul
Leave the wound vacant of all foreign matter

Blind eyes open once more
Contentment beneath the fallen sheets
To lie without remorse for consequences
Resolving nothing but disillusioned pleasure

How long can the pressure be withstood
Before some hairline fracture
A sign of breaking emerges
With the hour of demise closing in

The light of starlit hope gone with the morning
Yet the sun fails to enter in

Have all the stars fallen into oblivion
Leaving me to light my own?


Life is found in the resurrection of stars.
The rebirth of hope
Found in my vagrant wanderings toward dawn.

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