Do You
2005-07-12 @ 11:40 p.m.

Do you think of me when you're touching her? Does the small carress of her hand on your back remind you of me? Does the smell of her hair bring back memories of that night we made love under the stars on the beach? Do you refrain from using her name during sex in fear you may whisper mine? Do you fantasize about me when you're teasing her?

Does she taste like me?

Does the memory of my tongue linger on your most precious, private parts? Can you still feel it there, teasing, taunting, bringing you to full orgasm? Has she ever done it for you the way I have? Does she dance for you in the moonlight, slowly revealing more of herself for you, as I have?

Does she lay on top of you, gentling moving to the sweet sounds of the ocean as I once did? Do you still hear me tell you I love you as she claims these words are hers? Have you forgotten what the inside of me feels like? The warmth of my love falling gently on your skin, do you miss it?

Is there room in your life anymore for me? Have I become such a faded memory that you can't even speak my name? Do you lay in bed at night, wondering why no other has made you feel the way I made you feel? Do you think you've waited too long, that I must've moved on and given myself to another?

Do you know that that's not true?

Can you feel my breath on your neck again? Can you feel my tongue on your thighs? Do you ever imagine my naked embrace upon your chest? Have you a need for me anymore?

Do you want me anymore?

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