2005-06-21 @ 6:38 a.m.

And once again I'm reminded that I'm not nearly as important or 'special' as I thought I was. I am but one in a long line of people. Surely they have the advantage, and I was stupid to think that I was different.

I am nothing. In the grand scheme of things, I really am nothing. I have nothing to offer, hold no place in that heart, and I actually feel quite stupid for believing I may have been able to make a difference.

It's all become clear now. Although I thought we were moving forward, it was my stupidity alone. There's no change. Reality is, I am nothing. My heart is displayed to be mocked, not loved in return. It never will be.

I know this now, and I will return to the shadows that once comforted me, and weep softly for the end of my dream.

Please don't return here, for my words are shit, useless, and carry no meaning for anyone, including myself.

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